Mystery Shopping

On-site mystery shopping is an ideal way to evaluate employee-customer interactions and monitor overall employee performance. It is a powerful tool to help you understand what it is like to interact with your company from the customer’s perspective. We will help you design a survey that focuses on critical areas to evaluate. Our mystery shoppers, using this survey as a guide, visit your locations and submit their detailed observations to us through our online system.

Evaluations are compiled, verified for accuracy, scored, tracked, and provided to your company in customized formats. All data for all your locations are also available to you 24/7 through our Customereyes® interactive web system. You can view service scores and other specific information by location, by area, and by region.

Your company plays a vital role in the mystery shopping program. Together we set the evaluation parameters, discuss the results, and determine measurement guidelines to build an improvement campaign for your company.

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Compliance Audits

Our field representatives will go to your establishments and check any of the following:
  • Compliance to brand strategies
  • Compliance to policies, procedures, and other regulations
  • Compliance to merchandising strategies
  • Compliance to marketing / advertising / promotional activities
Similar to our mystery shopping program, all evaluations from compliance audits are compiled and provided to your company in customized formats, and all data are available to you 24/7 though our web system.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

A Customer Satisfaction Survey is a means to measure how products and services supplied by your company meet customer expectations. Data generated from customer satisfaction surveys can help your company:
  • set baselines for service performance
  • measure customer perceptions of how well your organization delivers on the critical success factors and dimensions of the business (staff responsiveness, service promptness, comprehension of the customer’s problem)
  • uncover critical-to-quality needs of your customers
  • determine your organization’s areas of strength and areas for improvement
A customer satisfaction survey can provide you with valuable information that can guide your management in making informed decisions on modifications to your products and services to meet your customers’ requirements. These improvements can lead to higher customer satisfaction and eventually customer loyalty which directly impacts your organization’s profitability. Give your customers a place to voice their opinions, and learn from them as they report on their own experiences. Through the use of interactive computer response (ICR), your customers can quickly and easily complete surveys online.

Employee Feedback Surveys

Carry on a positive company culture by listening to what employees at every level of your organization have to say about their own experience as an employee. An Employee Feedback Survey is a method of obtaining opinion of employees by giving them an opportunity to anonymously answer queries raised in an online questionnaire.

These surveys may be undertaken occasionally or at regular intervals and may be used to make a general assessment of employee morale or focus on a specific issue such as the introduction of a new policy. Objectives may be to pinpoint or gain an understanding of problems so that actions to resolve them can be carried out, to encourage employee involvement and commitment, or to assist in planning, implementing, and evaluating new initiatives, policies and procedures.


In today's competitive market, excellent customer service is critical to continued success for any service organization.

We can help you train your employees to fill the service gaps identified in the mystery shopping program through our Customer Service Workshops. We have ready training course programs, and we can also customize the course outline to suit your specific training requirements.

Our training programs introduce participants to the fundamental principles and techniques required for excellent customer service delivery. They focus on skills that positively impact service quality metrics to improve overall customer satisfaction.

In the courses, participants learn and practice essential skills through real world exercises and group activities to ensure skill transfer to the job and return on training investment for the organization.

Post-class assistance is available to ensure transfer of skills to the job in order to measure return on investment.

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Business Process Improvement

Business process improvement is a systematic approach to help your company optimize its processes to achieve more efficient results (faster service and better quality at lower costs). Through data generated from mystery shopping programs or customer satisfaction surveys, we can help your organization:
  • identify processes that need improvement
  • map those processes
  • pinpoint steps that are non-value adding to your product or service
  • identify or reinforce metrics and targets to measure process success
  • align and improve your processes to achieve your organization’s goals
  • standardize your improved processes
  • monitor your processes to achieve goals
Consumer Insight offers these services to various industries including retail shops, banks, restaurants and cafes, supermarkets and convenience stores, salons and spas, hotels and resorts, auto dealerships, and anywhere else service is valued.